Types of Veterans we represent

Daisley Law Offices, P.C., has represented veterans of the armed forces including the following:

  • Vietnam War veterans, including those who were exposed to Agent Orange and now deal with challenging health issues such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes
  • Desert Storm (1991) Iraq War veterans who served in the early ’90s and are now struggling with what is known as Gulf War Syndrome
  • Veterans who served in Somalia, Afghanistan and other locations around the globe
  • Iraq War veterans whose service began in 2003 or later as part of the ongoing U.S. occupation of Iraq
  • Veterans who did not serve in any war zone but have had to cope with service-related accidents and injuries (Many are unemployable as a result.)

Many of our past clients have now received the veterans’ disability benefits they were entitled to. They have expressed gratitude and confidence in our experience and knowledge in this area of the law.
If you or a loved one faces medical difficulties that originated during the course of military service, contact us to learn how we can help you wade through the bureaucracy that now stands between you and the support that you need.

Pursue the Compensation You Need and Deserve

We are prepared to advise you on the most likely routes to a successful benefit claim or appeal. Our goal is to help you recover the full financial compensation you deserve. You will be reassured to learn how our fees are determined and paid. Initial consultations are free. It costs no more to have our experienced, personalized representation than to be represented by a less experienced lawyer or an out-of-town law firm.
Contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation and preliminary case review with our experienced North Carolina and South Carolina veterans disability attorney.